ESS Europe offers a variety of equipment and products specifically designed for sanitation and pest control in numerous business areas. The main focus of our business is the provision of "state of the art" electrostatic spraying technology globally.

Electrostatic sprayers can effectively apply most disinfectants, sanitizers and pesticides to surfaces providing 3D coverage due to the electrostatic charge compared to a conventional sprayer or fogging system.

Welcome to ESS Europe

ESS supply the latest electrostatic spraying technology that as available in a number of formats. The equipment can apply liquid technologies to any surfaces in numerous activity areas such as hospitals, public buildings, public transport, ambulances, agriculture etc. Our technology offers maximum coverage but using less liquid product offering a highly cost effective application system.

By applying electrostatic charge to the micro droplets they actively seek out surfaces even those not directly sprayed. The sprayers produce a mist so fine that electronic equipment can be treated.
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